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The Distributed Creative New Economy.
Zeepin, a decentralized innovation community, is dedicated to promoting highly efficient circulation of innovation assets.
Smart work, Creative life!
Zeepin ICO is closed.

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Animation Video of a Designer's Life on Zeepin

Zeepin introduction

Challenge & Opportunity

Although the global creative industry develops rapidly, the growth rate still falls short of industry analysts' expectations. The reason is that the leading enterprises develop slowly and that the development of medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, organizations, and innovative individuals is limited due to copyright, territory, talent, financing, and other related problems.

Creative Infrastructure

Zeepin hopes to create a fair and efficient creative ecosystem, which can be understood as a public facility in the blockchain field and has various kinds of tools (dApp) anyone can use. These dApps can solve the problems related to the protection of innovation copyright, remote cooperation, talent recruitment, and project financing. For example, the most fundamental dApp in the Zeepin community is ZeeRights that helps innovators in copyright protection, ensures tradable digital assets, and solves problems from the industrial source.

Why Zeepin

Copyright Pro

In Zeepin Chain, each creator who has had their right validated will receive a kind of digital asset called "Copyright Pro", which will get the support from Zeepin Chain in its whole lifecycle including copyright selling, transfer, and co-creator copyright distribution.

Authorization Pro

On Zeepin Chain, Authorization Pros are a kind of digital assets with fast, safe, trusted and decentralized transaction features, just like other digital assets. Zeepin Chain's smart contract function will be performed according to related information specified in the Authorization Pros, and the system will automatically distribute profits according to the agreed percentage.

Decentralized transaction

Interconnection and copyright transaction environment provided by Zeepin Chain, including Zee Create and ZeeRights, can ensure trust among multiple parties on copyright creativity, need and production at the absence of the third party. In this way, the transaction cost will decrease to adapt to the "lightweight" transaction trend.


Thanks to the open nature of the blockchain, more investors, financial institutions and third-party commercial institutions can join up with Zeepin Chain in the future, thus enhancing traffic guidance, transaction and service on different nodes of the entire community, and accelerating value circulation and cashing in the creative industry.

Zeepin's dApp

Zeepin's chain organizations will be forged with ZeeCrew, a key public facility in the community enabling any organizations or individuals to form decentralized and autonomous project teams. ZeeCrew is an efficient and cost-benefit way to set up a company.
In the Zeepin Chain eco-system, creativity copyright plays a very important role. Investors can leverage ZeeRights to gain insights into the credibility and progress of crowdfunding projects, thus making risk-control efforts.
As a decentralized design interconnection platform on Zeepin Chain, ZeeCreate connects with ZPTs through the embedded smart contract, thus to quickly bridge creative contents and people in need of creative ideas.
Any participating user of the community will have an independent identity, and second-time authentication on the real name authentication through KYC and external identity can ensure the completeness of the community information system.
Compared with traditional fund-raising models, ZeeFund crowd-funding is more open and effective. Autonomous teams can quickly launch project crowd-funding on ZeeFund, and project parties can obtain investment support in the form of ZPTs and bring returns to holders.

Zeepin Token(ZPT)

All real-life applications and assets developed by the Zeepin team will be launched on Zeepin Chain, with ZPT to be used as tokens for this applications to support service compensation and business application arising from the Zeepin project, so as to allow ZPT to fully circulate.
  • Community Reward.
  • Locked-up and Utilization.
  • Crowd-funding project investments.

Road Map

Zeepin Chain
Under development
March 2018
April 2018
May 2018
August 2018
October 2018
January 2019
April 2019
October 2019
December 2019


December 07
ERC Institute / 30 Prinsep Street, Level 8
December 11
Tokyo, Japan
December 23
China, Beijing
Microsoft China
December 23
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Marriott Hotel Rotterdam
January 8th
Dublin, Ireland
January 12th
Hamburg, Germany
January 13th
Amsterdam, Holland
End Of January
NEO DevCon
Silicon Valley

Zeepin Team

  • Zhu Fei

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Former CEO of Arting365,
    with 15 years of experience in the creative industry;
    Director of Shanghai Top Young Creative Talents Association;
    Director of Shanghai-Jiangnan Intelligent Manufacturing Park Creative Industry Promotion Center;
    Director of Shanghai Industrial Design Association;
    Awarded as "20 Top Young Creative Talents in Shanghai in 2011";
    Founded Internet companies involving creative e-commerce, creative media, and design education, and has successfully created and operated a creative community with over 1.2 million designer users; Led his team to successfully serve more than 200 large and medium-sized creative projects; Has paid continuous attention to the development of the creative industry, and made his own contributions to turning creativity into values.
  • Shenbi Xu

    Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
    Former Chief Strategy Officer of Arting365,
    Devoted to the application research in the creative sector, and is the main designer of ZeeRights business procedure;
    Has 18 years of work experience in multinationals, and previously served as Asia-Pacific Head of GE Innovation Center, mainly responsible for providing product solutions for designers across the globe;
    Once provided service for Apple, Microsoft, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung;
    Led and participated in multiple large-scale IT and business process improvement projects in Asia Pacific and the whole world; Skilled in strategic planning, customer service, project management, etc.
  • Glovia Gu

    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
    Graduated from the China Academy of Art and majored in digital media;
    Has over 10 years of corporate operation and management experience;
    Operated over 50 events for international brands including Coca-Cola, Adobe, Haier, CHOW TAI FOOK, Capital Airlines, Lenovo, HP, and EPSON;
    Successfully operated various kinds of creativity incubation courses and workshops, with over 1,000 participants; Has accumulated rich practical experience in project management, community operations, and marketing planning.
  • Jason Xu

    Senior Developer
    Served multiple well-known enterprises, and has over 10 years of technology development and operation experience;
    Familiar with the deployment and optimization of distributed applications, and carried out certain research on data structure, asymmetric encryption, security protocol, and encryption algorithm;
    Has rich experience in the development of blockchain-based upper applications and bottom application interfaces;
    Responsible for realizing the smart contract and relevant logic according to different business applications in the Zeepin ecosystem, including the development of Zeepin Chain application interfaces, architecture design, deployment, and automatic operation and maintenance; Responsible for the architecture design, upgrading, and optimization of overall project planning and technology decision proposals.
  • Zhang Ying

    Chief Brand & Fashion Officer
    Well-known fashion promotion and brand management operator; senior fashion expert.
    Studied at the London College of Fashion of the University of the Arts London, and Istituto Marangoni, and obtained dual masters degree of MA Fashion Design and MA Fashion Promotion;
    Led brand planning and market expansion for multiple well-known luxury brands;
    Accumulated rich experience in the fashion field, involving photography, fashion illustration, graphic design, brand image, fashion trend, styling, public relations, fashion movie, fashion show planning, performance installation design, and application of emerging e-platform; Participated in the strategic transformation of well-known domestic brands;
    Launched XCOMMONS, a platform dedicated to the optimization of Chinese fashion business ecosystem, during the 2017 Shanghai Fashion Week.
  • Leo Cai

    Head of Investor Relations
    Has years of venture capital experience; dedicated to blockchain and artificial intelligence sectors.
    Studied at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh, and obtained a bachelor degree in Computer Science and a master degree of Artificial Intelligence;
    Participated in the development of many AI projects in Britain;
    Conducted in-depth research on a large number of blockchain projects across the globe;
    Has a profound understanding of blockchain technology and applications;
    Responsible for the investment in multiple domestic blockchain application projects;
    One of the early investors of Zeepin.
  • Shadow Tang

    Marketing and Public Relations Committee
    Has 10 years of work experience in brand consulting; trans-boundary creator. Always active in the frontline of illustration, advertising, and Internet startup sectors;
    Previously worked for EnergySource, TBWA, Sina and other well-known enterprises; Serves customers including the Germany-based Volkswagen, Benz, Coca-Cola, Fotile, and McDonald; Won Effie Award, Gold Award of China Advertising Festival, etc.
    Worked with well-known fashion brand TOY2R to launch Global Limited Edition toys, which were collected by many trendsetters;
    Established the creativity collaboration platform Julizi;
    Joined Zeepin team to better promote the global innovation force.

Legal Adviser

  • Clarence Guo

    Director | Advocate & Solicitor
    Clarence is an advocate and solicitor in Singapore practising in Tzedek Law LLC.
    He is well-versed with the rapidly developing regulatory environment for blockchain technology, and understands the disruptive potential of this new technology.

Community Management Team

  • Jessica

    Operations Specialist
  • Tim

    Operations Specialist
  • Limon

    Operations Specialist
  • Anze

    Marketing Manager
  • Penny

    Marketing Assistant
  • Chuhe Wang

    Marketing Assistant
  • Joa

    PR Manager
  • Joy

    PR Assistant